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Selecting HFH+MSU HS as an Applicant Organization

Previously, the Applicant Organization tab within the Organizations and Locations option displayed Michigan State University and would not allow users to change to a different applicant. Now, with the Henry Ford Health + Michigan State University Health Sciences (HFH+MSU HS) collaboration, KR will allow users to select a different Applicant Organization. This impacts the Applicant that will appear on the SF424 face page for System-to-System (S2S) applications.

The default will continue to be Michigan State University. If you are submitting a S2S proposal for HFH+MSU HS, take the following steps:

  1. Click the [Select Different Organization] button.image highlighting select different organization button
  2. In the Organization Lookup popup window, enter "127729" in the Organization Id field and click [Search]. image highlighting organization id text box
  3. Click [select] next to the returned result for Henry Ford Health + Michigan State University Health Sciences. image highlighting select button

Once the above steps are taken, the SF 424 R&R form will display the Applicant Information as follows: 

image highlighting applicant information

Additional information about the HFH+MSU HS collaboration will be sent on the SPA/OSP/CGA listserv, including details on what proposals should be submitted out of the new collaboration.

New Questions on Supplemental Information for HFH+MSU HS

Next week you may notice new questions on the Supplemental Information option. These questions are to help identify the HFH+MSU HS collaboration and to help with reporting. The questions are conditional and will only appear if one of the following conditions have been met:

  • A unit within the College of Human Medicine (CHM), College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM) or Nursing is included in the Credit Allocation.
  • A unit within CHM/COM/Nursing is identified as the Lead Unit for the proposal.


If one of the conditions were met, the following question will appear on Supplemental Information:

image example of supplemental information question

If the above question is answered No, you have completed answering the HFH+MSU HS collaboration questions. If the above question is answered Yes, a second question will appear:

image showing second question that appears

The displayed question(s) must be answered in order to pass data validations and route the proposal.

As mentioned in the previous article, additional information will be sent on the SPA/OSP/CGA listserv about the HFH+MSU HS collaboration. If you have any questions related to the new questions please contact your OSP Proposal Team.

Access/Permissions To Be Fixed

The Access option will be fixed next week so that initiators/aggregators of a PD document will have the ability to grant access or permissions to other users for that PD. This feature has not worked since the upgrade and we're excited to have this option available again!

image highlighting the add user button

If you have any questions or experience issues after next week, please contact the KR Help Desk.

Staying In Edit Mode in the Budget Module

Next week the budget module will be updated so that when you are editing a budget and click the Budget Settings link, the system will keep you in edit mode after closing out of the Budget Settings popup window. Previously, the system would change from edit mode to view only, and you would have to close the budget and re-enter in order to go back into edit mode.

Change to Medusa in Proposal Development

Some of the performance issues in KR have been tied back to users clicking the Medusa tab in PD documents that have numerous PD, IP, Award, and Negotiation records. Going forward, if you click the Medusa tab in a PD document where there are more than 100 associated records, the system will only display the Proposal Development document you are currently in. To see the complete list of associated records, transition to the IP or Award and view the Medusa tab from those modules.

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