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Sponsored Programs Administration

Sponsored Programs Administration’s vision is to be a valued partner to support, influence, and elevate research at MSU. Its mission is to facilitate and protect MSU's research enterprise by working collaboratively to provide effective and efficient administration. The office is led by the Associate Vice President for Research, Sponsored Programs, and oversees and supports the following administrative offices: the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and Contract and Grant Administration (CGA). SPA promotes integration between the offices and effective and efficient processes. SPA also provides operational and logistical support. Areas of focus include initiating streamlining efforts, listening to the campus community, coordinating educational programs and resources, providing analytics and reporting, and enhancing electronic systems.

Office Values

As part of our strategic planning process and with input from the staff and the MSU core values, we developed our SPA/OSP/CGA values: Quality, Fairness, Integrity, Respect, Service, and Teamwork, i.e., "Quality FIRST".

Quality: Work with care to achieve complete and consistent outcomes; show commitment to efficiency, which means less waste, redundancy, complaints, and burden. Quality outcomes result in higher satisfaction, success, commitment, support, and trust in working together toward future goals. F(Fairness): Attentive to flexibility and equity, using reasonable judgment while balancing the interests of clients, employees, and requirements to achieve quality outcomes. I(Integrity): Demonstrate honesty and strong ethics, leading to trust and accountability. R(Respect): Considerate with clients and co-workers, acknowledging diversity of perspectives, capacities and responsibilities. S(Service): Committed to providing support to faculty, scholars, research administrators, and other project personnel, adding value to MSU’s mission and sponsors’ intent. T(Teamwork): Demonstrate collaborative and coordinated efforts by working effectively with each other across offices, VP units, campus and with MSU Sponsors.  Promote personal and professional growth and organizational development.

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