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Issue 33: Friday Updates, 5/18/18

Update to the Modular Budget Job Aid

We have updated the Creating a Modular Budget job aid to clarify the steps for entering subcontract object codes when you are including a subaward in your budget.  We highly recommend using this job aid as a resource when creating your modular budget.  If you have questions please contact your Proposal Team.

NIH NRSA Rates Have Been Updated in KC

On May 9th NIH released notice NOT-OD-18-175 with revised NRSA rates for NIH fellowships and training grants.  The updated rates have been incorporated into KC. Maintenance Outage

This weekend, May 19-20th, will be undergoing routine, scheduled maintenance. During this time you will not be able to search for or retrieve opportunities from the S2S tab in the Proposal Development module. If you’ve already retrieved an opportunity from the S2S tab you will be able to use the system as you normally would. The maintenance window is as follows:

Scheduled Maintenance Outage:
Production Environment will go Offline Saturday May 19, 2018 at 12:01 AM ET.
Production Environment will go Online Monday May 21, 2018 at 6:00 AM ET.

Adding Project Personnel to Object Codes

This Friday, May 11, we are pushing an enhancement to the KC Budget Module that will automatically add project personnel to budget object codes based on their Job Code. To successfully use this enhancement we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Add all individuals that you’d like to include in the budget in the Project Personnel panel (MSU employees only). Add the Base Salary for any To Be Named persons. Click the Save button at the bottom of the tab. Base salary fields highlighted for example to be named personnel on Project Personnel panel
  2. Once the Project Personnel panel is complete, click the add all to period 1 button. Once clicked, all personnel with recognized Job Codes will be added to mapped Object Codes in the Personnel Detail panel. Verify that the individuals were added to the object codes you had anticipated. If not, click the delete button next to the line item that is not in the preferred object code, and manually add the person to the correct object code. Add all to period button highlighted NOTE: Image only displays one object code panel open for ease in displaying the screenshot, however all object code panels have been populated with information from the Project Personnel panel. Individual’s names have been redacted.
  3. Enter the appropriate percentages in the % Effort and % charged fields for all persons.

Special notes related to the new feature:

  • You are still able to manually add people into object codes within the Personnel Detail panel. This enhancement added new functionality, but did not take any of the existing functionality away.
  • If you add additional people to the Project Personnel section and re-click the add all to period 1 button, the system will add the new personnel only. Please note, if you’ve already generated all periods using the object code for the new personnel, you’ll have to manually add the person in the outer years.
  • If you delete a person’s line item from the Personnel Detail panel, but not from the Project Personnel panel, and re-click the add all to period 1 button, the person will be re-added to the Personnel Detail panel.
  • Anyone with an AA000 Job Code will not be mapped to an object code. This is a default job code that is not mapped to an object code. You can either add a mapped job code, or manually add the person to an object code. Job Codes for commonly used Object Codes are as follows:
    Job Code Object Code
    20001497 Research Associate (0-36 Months)
    20002852 Graduate Student
    20002854 Student Labor
    20001490 Staff (Salaries & Wages)
    20001496 Faculty (Salaries & Wages)
    20001684 Senior Research Associate

    NOTE: Job Code names only display in the Job Code column of the Project Personnel panel. They do not print on budget reports.

  • Take caution in using this new feature with budgets that have already been created. We recommend only using this feature with newly created budgets.
  • Suggestions for mapping additional Job Codes to Object Codes, or changing how Job Codes are currently mapped may be sent to the KC Helpdesk,

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