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Issue 40: Friday Updates, 9/7/18

eRA Commons User Name Field Changes

  • The field name in PD for eRA Commons User Name has been changed to Credential, e.g. agency login which matches the field name on the Key Person Expanded Form.
  • If the Sponsor is NIH or a NIH Institute, and the Investigator has an eRA Commons User Name associated with them, it will populate to the Credential field (as it currently does to the eRA Commons User name field).  For all other sponsors, the field will remain blank.   If the user needs to add a system specific ID, it can be manually entered for that proposal (eBRAP is an example).  
  • When initiating a PD, if the Sponsor selected is NIH or a NIH Institute, any investigators selected with eRA commons names will have them pulled to the Credential, e.g. agency login field.  If the sponsor is changed from NIH to a non-NIH sponsor, the credential name will still be there, and it is possible that either the credential name will need to be removed, or the investigator can be removed and added back.  Keep in mind removing the investigator and adding them back will require that the bio-sketch be reattached. (Please double check when copying a proposal, that the credential field is being updated/used appropriately).

Credential, e.g. agency login field highlighted on Person Details panel

A validation error now reads “Credential, e.g., agency login is missing for ‘PI/Contact’” when NIH or a NIH Institute is selected as the Sponsor.

Validation error message for missing credential, e.g. agency login on example Person Details panel

Citizenship Type

Citizenship Type is no longer a required field. Many users may not have been aware of the field before (see screen shot) but it was a required field and would default to US CITIZEN OR NONCITIZEN NATIONAL. The field is no longer required and defaults to SELECT. If a user needs to provide a Citizenship type for an S2S opportunity, they will go to the Personnel/Extended Details tab and select the appropriate response.

Citizenship Type field highlighted in Extended Details section

Protocol Number Validation

The validation for Protocol Number has been changed to be performed when the user clicks “Add” on the Special Review tab. This validation used to happen when OSP would click Submit to Sponsor and it would generate errors that would be difficult to correct at that point in the proposal process. Now this validation check will be completed at the point of data entry.

Protocol number can only be alphanumeric characters, whitespace, newlines, underscores, periods, parentheses, dollar signs, forward slashes, dashes

Two New Fields for Non-MSU Employees

Beginning September 14th, there will be two new fields for non-MSU employees.

  • Non-Employee Unit
  • Non- Employee Division

The fields will automatically populate with Not Applicable.

New Non-Employee fields highlighted on Person Details form

If the user would like specific information to show on the Key Person Expanded Form in the Department and Division Fields, they can add the information on the Person Details screen and it will flow to the Key Person Expanded Form.

Example Biogenetics unit and College of Human Medicine division information entered into new non-employee fields on Person Details form Example Key Person Expanded Form showing Biogenetics as department and College of Human Medicine as division

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