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Issue 43: Friday Updates, 10/19/18

System-To-System Change to the Header

As was mentioned in a separate email that was sent on the SPA listserv this past week, is making a change to utilize a new submission header for Applicant S2S systems. To make this change, will be down from Saturday, October 20th through Monday, October 22nd (6am). In order to account for this change in KC, some changes were pushed to the system last night (October 18th). The changes include:

  • The S2S opportunity look-up has additional options for searching.New Package ID and Competition ID fields indicated on the Opportunity Lookup panel
  • For both the S2S and Proposal tabs, the CFDA number display has moved to a separate sub-panel and will display more than one CFDA number if applicable.
    Note: CFDA numbers should not be manually added to either of these subpanels. If you do not have a CFDA number please leave the fields in this sub-panel empty (i.e. do not enter “None” or “N/A”). CFDA numbers are provided by the Sponsor and will automatically pull in with the S2S opportunity if applicable.

S2S Tab

CFDA panel highlighted in new position following the Opportunity details on the Opportunity Search panel

Proposal Tab

CFDA panel highlighted in new position following the Sponsor and Program Information details on the corresponding panel

NOTE- possible action item: For this transition, any S2S proposals that are “In Progress” and the S2S opportunity was added prior to 10/19/18, you will need to remove the S2S opportunity from the S2S tab of the proposal and reload the opportunity back to the S2S tab. Any opportunity uploaded on 10/19/18 or after will utilize the new submission header and will not need to be reloaded. For those proposals that are “Approval Pending” at the time of the transition, we will contact you separately and discuss options based on the status of the proposal. There will be a validation error when you try to submit a proposal into route if the S2S opportunity was not reloaded as noted above. The validation error will look like the following:

Unit Business Rules Errors: The current S2S Opportunity in your proposal needs to be removed. Please remove and then upload the latest version of this opportunity on the S2S tab.

Notes Added to Proposal, IP, and Award Lookups

The following notes have been added to the Proposal, IP and Award Lookup screens:

  • A note informing users that the search results will only include data back to January of 2011. To access data before this date please use All Award Search for proposal information, or Account Explorer for award information. Both tools are available on the SPA website.
  • A note providing assistance with searching using wildcards. Specifically, that the wildcard symbols are * and %, and when searching for an investigator we suggest entering First_Name*Last_Name (e.g. Brian*Smith)

Below is an example from the Proposal Lookup screen:

**Please note that Kuali Coeus contains proposal data from January 1, 2011 and forward. To find information before this date, please refer to the All Award Search on the Sponsored Programs Administration website (

**For assistance with specifying search criteria, wildcard searches are allowed on fields. The wildcard symbols are * and %. When using the Investigator search field, the suggested search criteria is the First_Name*Last_Name.

Changes to Budget Report #2

On Friday, October 26th we plan to release an updated version of KC budget report #2. The report is currently labeled as “Budget Cumulative Report,” but is being changed to a detailed cost share report.

Below is a screenshot of what the revised report will look like:

Example of new Detailed Cost Share Report

Changes to Budget Report #4

An update to KC report #4, “Budget Summary Report,” is planned to be released on Friday, October 26th. Currently the base salary field does not change from one budget period to the next. With this update the report will display the appropriate base salary amount in future budget periods.

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