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Export to Excel is available on some budget reports

The export to Excel option is now available for the following budget reports:

  • 1 – Budget Costshare Summary Report (Excel version includes the summary chart)
  • 3 – Budget Salary Report
  • 4 – Budget Summary Report (Excel version includes the summary chart)
  • 5 – Budget Summary Total Report

To use the export to Excel option, select the Print option under the Actions dropdown list for the budget you would like to export.

image showing where to select the print option

From the print popup window, check the box in the Select column for the budget that you would like to export and click the Print Excel button.

image showing how to save to excel

Please do not try to export budget report 2, 6, 7 or 8.  These budget reports aren’t available for export and you will receive a stack trace error if you try to export one of these reports.

If you have any questions on exporting to Excel, please contact the KR Helpdesk.

Warning for graduate student tuition has been fixed

Previously you may have received a warning indicating you had not budgeted graduate tuition and fees, even though you had included it in your budget.  This warning was being prompted incorrectly and has now been fixed.  Going forward you should only receive the warning, when it applies to your budget.  Please contact the KR Helpdesk if you notice any issues with this warning message.

image showing graduate fees warning

Error when entering % Effort less than % Charged

In the budget module, if you had entered a percentage for total Effort that was less than the percent Charged, KR would produce a strange error message and lock the budget.  This has been fixed.  Going forward you will receive the following error message:

image showing budget module percent error

Personnel order is now displaying correctly

In the Personnel option of the KR Budget module, the list of persons/roles is now displaying in numerical order.  Please contact the KR Helpdesk if you notice any problems with the ordering of personnel.

image showing budget module personnel option

NIH Forms H is available

On January 17, 2023 KR was updated to be able to submit NIH Forms H applications packages.  If you had pulled in an NIH opportunity for Forms H prior to KR being updated, you will need to remove and re-add the opportunity prior to submission.  With forms H, NIH added a new attachment type for their Data Management and Sharing Plan.  Please see the NIH checklist for instructions on which attachment type to use.

You may also notice new NIH Validation Service Errors.  If you have questions regarding these errors or with any of the NIH Forms H changes, please contact your OSP Proposal Team contact.

Research Associate (0-36 months) object code is being removed

Within the next few weeks the Research Associate (0-36 Months) object code will be removed from KR.Please use the Research Associate object code, which includes the 10% retirement contribution.

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