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Changes to Standard Proposal Questionnaire in PD

On Tuesday, August 1st, the Standard Proposal Questionnaire in Proposal Development (PD) will have been updated with the following changes:

  • Adding the following new questions that relate to export control procedures:
    • Are you receiving or using any export-controlled technology for this project (including equipment, parts, materials, software, or data)?
    • Are you generating a tangible item in this research that will be shipped internationally (including equipment, parts, materials, or software)?
  • Removing the following three questions:
    • Have patent or copyright commitments been promised to the sponsor?
    • Do you anticipate that some or all of your project work will occur outside of the main MSU campus?
    • Does the project involve Food-related Activities?
  • Updating and adding to the "More Information" section for many of the questions on the questionnaire.

How Do I Incorporate the Updated Questionnaire?

As of August 1st, PDs with an "In-Progress" or "Revisions Requested" status will have an [ Update Available ] button at the top of the Standard Proposal Questionnaire.

  • For in-progress proposals, please click the [ Update Available ] button to bring in the new questionnaire and answer the additional questions before routing the PD. 
  • For proposals that are recalled/returned out of route to make proposal corrections, you do not have to update the questionnaire. 
  • PD’s created August 1st and beyond will automatically bring in the updated questionnaire (this does not include copied PDs – see below).
Image showing the update available button on the proposal questionnaire.

Once you click the [ Update Available ] button a popup window will appear asking if you’d like to copy over the answers from the old version of the questionnaire, or not. Select the choice you would like to make and click [ Ok ].

Image showing the confirmation popup window that appears after clicking the update button on the questionnaire.

What Happens With Copied Proposals?

Copies of proposals created before August 1st will bring over the old version of the questionnaire. Click the [ Update Available ] button at the top of the Standard Proposal Questionnaire to bring the new version of the questionnaire into the copied proposal.

Please contact the KR Helpdesk if you have questions on how to update the questionnaire.

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