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Research Administration Reports and Query Studio Packages

Last Updated: 4/24/2017

A new suite of research administration reports and Query Studio packages have been developed by the Kuali Coeus Research Administration Project and business intelligence teams to provide essential research reporting capabilities for the university. This document provides an overview to the report suite and the Query Studio packages suite; more specific information on individual reports and functionality can be found via links at the end of this document and on the Research Administration Project website.

Research Administration Reports

The suite of reports is located in Business Intelligence in the Research Administration folder.

Public Folders → Research Administration → University RA Reports → Award

  • Lead Unit Award Summary – RA001
  • Award Search – RA002

Public Folders → Research Administration → University RA Reports → Institutional Proposal

  • Proposal Search – RA024

There is a variety of prompts available to produce different versions of each of the listed reports, including but not limited to:

  • Responsibility Center (also known as MAU, Unit Level Organization 1, Department)
  • Investigator
  • Sponsor
  • Account
  • Date Range
  • Proposal and Award Status

The prompt pages are consistent across reports within the suite. For example, the same prompts are available when running the Award Search report by Investigator as when running the Proposal Search by Investigator. Where there are exceptions, those are noted in the reference guide for the report.

Additional Information

Report Reference Guides

  • Lead Unit Award Summary – RA001: provides a Lead Unit Award Summary overview.
  • Award Search – RA002: provides an overview of this report.
  • Proposal Search – RA024: provides an overview of this report.

Query Studio Packages

The suite of Research Administration Project Query Studio packages are located here:

Public Folders → Query Studio → Research Administration → Award

  • Award
    • In addition, two fixed Award queries were created.
      • Award Dollars by MAU by Fiscal Year
      • Awards Received By Unit By Fiscal Year
  • Report Tracking
    • In addition, one fixed Award Report Tracking was created.
      • Reports Due and Destroy Date

Public Folders → Query Studio → Research Administration → Institutional Proposal

  • Institutional Proposal

Additional Information

Query Studio Package Reference Guides

  • Award: provides an overview of the package and fixed filters.
  • Award Report Tracking: an overview of the package and fixed filter.
  • Institutional Proposal: an overview of the package.


Below is a list of key terms that map from the Legacy Systems to Kuali Coeus:

Legacy Term Kuali Coeus Term
Grantor Sponsor/Prime Sponsor
App Number Institutional Proposal Number
Project Nature Activity Type
Award Amount Obligated Change Amount
College MAU
Department Unit

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