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Modifying User Preferences

Version dated: 3/31/22

User preferences allow each user to tailor the workflow preferences to their style of work, including: how often the action list is refreshed, what fields are displayed, the types of email notifications received, and the frequency of the notifications. You can even elect to customize the functionality and display by color-coding the document’s status so you can easily see which documents need to be completed (saved), versus those that are being routed for approval (enroute).


  • All Users


  • You wish to change your action list settings to best fit your work style.


  1. Click the Action List button found within the header under any tab.

  2. Next, select the preferences button to bring up the Workflow Preferences view, where you are able to customize the display of your Action List.
image of action list header and preferences button
  1. General Subpanel Options:
    • This subpanel contains the settings for the overall action list filter; it allows the user to choose how often their list is updated, how many actions are displayed, and whether or not to view action items related to delegates.
image of action list filter subpanel
  1. Fields Displayed in Action List Subpanel Options:
    • This subpanel contains options allowing the user to choose the information they want displayed in their action list.
image of action list fields subpanel
  1. Document Route Status Colors for Action List Entries Subpanel Options:
    • Allows the user to select colors for each action request listed on the Action List; all items currently appear in the default color, white.
image of document route status color page
  1. Email Notification Preferences Subpanel Options:
    • This subpanel allows the user to set up when, what, and the action requested of items in which they receive email notifications.
image of email notification settings
  1. Click Save at the bottom of the page to activate your selections.
Save button image

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