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KFS Information for CGA Accounts

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Ad-Hoc Routing Documents to CGA

  • The system has been designed to route transactions requiring CGA approval to CGA automatically without having to use Ad-hoc routing, with one exception of reconciling travel advances.
  • When you create a Distribution of Income and Expense document for the reconciliation of a travel advance, you will need to Ad-hoc route the document to the “CGA Processor Level 1” group for approval. Please see the travel advance policy on the Controller’s office website for additional information.
  • Other than the noted exception please do not Ad-hoc route documents to CGA for approval, or as FYI notifications.
  • The most effective way for CGA to address questions regarding a specific transaction is via email () prior to the document routing. Please include the document number in all correspondence when possible.

Pcard Transfers Affecting RC Accounts

  • KFS allows users 30 days from the transaction date to correctly allocate P-card transactions to specific accounts before the charges are automatically posted to the assigned P-card account. Beyond the 30 day window a separate document must be processed to allocate charges to a different account.
  • P-card transfers between 30 and 90 days from the transaction date can be routed via Disbursement of Income and Expense or General Error Correction. Please attach the P-card statement to either document type with a full explanation of how the transaction benefits the project being charged.
  • All P-card transfers initiated over 90 days will be considered a cost transfer and therefore must be processed as a General Error Correction. Please see CGA’s website for cost transfer requirements.

PI Certification on Subcontract Payments

PI certifications are necessary to ensure the PI is monitoring and is comfortable making payments to sub-recipients. The PI must certify the following statement for all subcontract payments, "The services for which reimbursement is requested have been satisfactorily rendered and the costs thereof are proper and due in accordance with the terms of the contract. If this payment is for an advance, it is in accordance with the terms of the agreement and necessary to further project objectives."

Please see the below options for adding PI certifications to subcontract payments on RC accounts.

  • The certification statement with PI signature can be added directly to the subcontractor invoice.
  • A separate sheet of paper can be attached to the DV that includes the certification statement with PI signature.
  • The DV can be Ad-hoc routed to the PI for approval. If this option is utilized, the PI must personally add the certification statement as a note before they approve it.

PI’s Identified in the Account Manager Role

  • For all accounts in the RC and RG sub-funds, the Account Manager role is being used to identify the lead Principal Investigator (PI) for the award received.
  • The person identified in the Account Manager Role in KFS should match the PI Contact in Account Explorer.
  • Currently, there is no functionality built into the Account Manager Role in KFS. It is used primarily as a way to identify the PI on a project from within KFS.

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